At Trainwithmike, we believe that private training and small group training is about adapting to the needs of each client. A good personal trainer provides different styles of training to suit each individual and their varying goals. We honor the uniqueness of our clients.

Evaluations: Every client is evaluated before commencing their training program. We use the comprehensive FMS evaluation system which is a series of tests that assess your quality of movement. This allows us to realize if the client has any pain in particular actions and qualify the balance between their mobility and stability. The results lead us to properly personalize the clients program and training path from the beginning and progress their training accordingly.

Private one-on-one training : There are many different benefits to working solo with a personal trainer. People from all walks of life, of any age, fitness level, with or without injuries, ailments, can all achieve their life long fitness goals if properly guided in an attentive one-on-one training session. Trainers provide the knowledge necessary to assess you, keep you on track, and to reach your goals with a safe, effective, comprehensive fitness program. One of the biggest advantages of working with a trainer is accountability and attention to your individual needs!

Semi-Private training : Includes 2-4 clients sharing their private training session. These sessions offer clients the ability to work on their individual training needs and programs with a reduced cost per individual. We have seen much success with this method due to increased motivation created by these dynamic pairings. Clients can create their own semi-private group with friends and family or we can assign you one based on your schedule and training needs.

Cross-training Bootcamp class : Includes a maximum of 10 clients. This class is dynamic and includes elements of mobility and core training, strength, power, endurance and aerobic exercise. A variety of different tools and training styles are used to create a complete and intense workout experience. The small class sizes allow us to pay attention to form and make sure everyone is doing the appropriate version of the exercise for their level.

Kettlebell group class: Includes a maximum of 8-10 clients. This functional whole body approach trains movement, never isolating one muscle. Every element of fitness is touched upon; strength, power, endurance, mobility, stability and cardio. Anyone can learn how to safely train with a kettlebell with the proper instruction on technique and the proper sequencing of exercises. Safety and proper form is the number one concern.

Our signature class is a mixture of skills building and high intensity circuit training making for both a fun and challenging experience. The intensity of the session can be modified by using different sizes of kettlebells, easier and harder exercises, or by changing the number of repetitions. For this reason beginners and those with experience can participate in the same class.