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Trainwithmike has been helping people achieve their fitness and rehabilitation goals for over 25 years.

Our mission is to properly assess and evaluate each client on a physical and holistic level, and to adapt our knowledge to suit their specific needs. We get people to their health and fitness goals safely and effectively.

In an era where exercise choices are overwhelming, Trainwithmike cuts through the confusion and fads and gets you results through a proven multi-disciplinary style of training. We take the best elements from all walks of fitness and place the emphasis on Quality of Movement.

You need to have mobility before creating stability. You need to have stability before building strength. You need to be strong before performing any physical activity in order to prevent injury and excel. Most importantly one needs to learn the proper technique and postures and continue to reinforce good movement to get the benefits of exercise. This is what we help you do.

Whether you want to lose weight, get back into shape, reduce chronic pain, come back from an injury or simply feel and look great again, we have the tools to get you there safely and effectively.


Mike Pellegrini is an inspired and inspirational certified personal trainer that has been working people out since 1997.

Mike has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients. With over forty thousand hours of professional experience and years of acquiring knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest information, he is able to assist his clients with a sound and grounded approach. His philosophy is simple, technique and movement quality come before everything and are the only way to achieve lasting results.

Since the beginning of his career, Mike has worked hand in hand with physiotherapists, osteopaths and other sports therapists. Helping clients safely and effectively get back to training post injury, post surgery or while being treated for chronic pain issues. He currently holds a working relationship with Kinatex Rockland. Mike also has an in depth experience working with individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

For 10 years Mike ran a successful fitness business. He hired, trained and managed a team of trainers. He also worked for KBell training Academy as a Master Trainer for 4 years, where he certified other trainers in kettlebell training. Mike worked with Team 990 radio and CHOM FM as their weekly fitness expert. He has also worked with as one of their fitness experts making videos, some of which have over 1 million views. He has once again transformed his business model, offering top quality private training services in an intimate studio setting and online.

B.A. McGill university, Certified Trainer, Kbell Training Academy Master Trainer, FMS level 1 and 2 certified, Ground Force Method Level 1 and 2 certified, TRX certified trainer, Functional Anatomy Course



Every client is evaluated before commencing their training program. We use the comprehensive FMS evaluation system which is a series of tests that assess your quality of movement. This allows us to realize if the client has any pain in particular actions and qualify the balance between their mobility and stability. The results lead us to properly personalize the clients program and training path from the beginning and progress their training accordingly.

private training

There are many different benefits to working solo with a personal trainer. People from all walks of life, of any age, fitness level, with or without injuries, ailments, can all achieve their life long fitness goals if properly guided in an attentive one-on-one training session. Trainers provide the knowledge necessary to assess you, keep you on track, and to reach your goals with a safe, effective, comprehensive fitness program. One of the biggest advantages of working with a trainer is accountability and attention to your individual needs!

semi private training

Includes 2-4 clients sharing their private training session. These sessions offer clients the ability to work on their individual training needs and programs with a reduced cost per individual. We have seen much success with this method due to increased motivation created by these dynamic pairings. Clients can create their own semi-private group with friends and family or we can assign you one based on your schedule and training needs.

online training

This format allows clients all the benefits of in person training but with the advantage of staying in the comfort of their home. With today’s technology the interaction between client and trainer in online training is parallel to the traditional style with the added bonus of saving travel time and a no excuse scenario. This platform is available in both private and semi-private.

Semi-Private Hybrid Training – Online/In Person

For those who are interested in semi-private training they can choose to join an online group but train in person in the studio simultaneously with on screen clients.

women's health

Training protocols for middle aged women have been somewhat misguided over the last 30 years. Fortunately the latest research has given us a clear indication of how to exercise to combat the side effects of menopause which include :

1. Hot flashes and night sweats
2. Mood swings
3. Problems sleeping
4. Weight gain
5. Frequent urination
6. Lowered sex drive
7. Bone fractures due to a loss of bone density

As estrogen levels decline before, during and after menopause, you lose muscle mass and gain abdominal fat. Resistance training, specifically with heavier weights, provides the right stimulus to improve fat-burning metabolism, build bone density and maintain your cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that women are naturally built for endurance. Due to this biological advantage and the fact that the benefits of long distance cardio activities have been over sold to women, heavy strength training has been neglected. My training system emphasis strength and power. Whether new to this type of training or more experienced, I help to build a solid foundation in quality of movement, technique and posture so that one can progress confidently and safely.


Sarah Maira
Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

Professional Dancer

I have been searching for a trainer my entire career. One that would understand that as a dancer I need to be strong without having excess muscle mass. Mike understood this immediately.

Mark Rechichi
Crave It Restaurants

CEO and Co-founder

Recently I did a stress test and the doctor told me I was top 2% in fitness. I have lost weight, lost fat, added muscle mass, increased my flexibility and increased my endurance while having fun doing it.. I recommend Mike to anyone that wants to improve their health, invest in themselves and enjoy themselves while doing it.

Billy Haddad
Montelle Intimates


Mike's kettlebell workouts have been a game changer for me. I look back at all the years I spent in the gym working out 3 or 4 times a week as being a waste of time compared to two KB workouts per week. I'm in the best shape of my life at 46 - faster, stronger and feel great. It has helped me in every sport I do. Thanks Mike!!!.


Mike Pellegrini

4394 Oxford Ave, NDG, H4A 2Y6

(514) 817-0967

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