Trainwithmike has been helping people achieve their fitness and rehabilitation goals for over 25 years.

Our mission is to properly assess and evaluate each client on a physical and holistic level, and to adapt our knowledge to suit their specific needs. We get people to their health and fitness goals safely and effectively.

In an era where exercise choices are overwhelming, Trainwithmike cuts through the confusion and fads and gets you results through a proven multi-disciplinary style of training. We take the best elements from all walks of fitness and place the emphasis on Quality of Movement.

You need to have mobility before creating stability. You need to have stability before building strength. You need to be strong before performing any physical activity in order to prevent injury and excel. Most importantly one needs to learn the proper technique and postures and continue to reinforce good movement to get the benefits of exercise. This is what we help you do.

Whether you want to lose weight, get back into shape, reduce chronic pain, come back from an injury or simply feel and look great again, we have the tools to get you there safely and effectively.